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     Tesseract Transmissions 

Our private Tesseract Transmissions group on Facebook is the place to share experiences with others who are enjoying this series! Expect a safe space free of drama and any outside advertising—but we’ll let you know when new transmissions become available, of course.

  • Tesseract Transmissions

     Become What You Believe

A sister group to Tesseract Transmissions, Become What You Believe is celebrating over six years of being a “peaceful little corner of the interwebs”! Free and original meditation events are held regularly, and lots of links to prerecorded meditations, high-vibe blogs, and even related cartoons are posted here.

  • Become What You Believe

     YouTube Channel

A growing number of Become What You Believe’s free and original meditations are uploaded to its YouTube channel—where you can find lots of playlists of other meditations, also!

  • YouTube


Follow us on Instagram for sporadic updates of only the highest quality!

  • Tesseract Transmissions


Feel free to drop an e-mail with any questions or comments to

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