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Brad Walrod’s introduction to Tesseracts came at an early age, when his mom gave him a copy of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time as a birthday gift. Years later, another book, Ken Wilber’s The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes, greatly expanded his perception of day-to-day reality. 
    In his twenties he was introduced to meditation at an ashram, receiving Shaktipat—the awakening or uncoiling of the kundalini energy at the base of the spine—and spent time in India nurturing this new growth. Soon after returning to the U.S. he participated in a Seth Material study group, which gathered on a literal mountaintop to celebrate and contribute to the original Harmonic Convergence.

   Throughout the ups and downs of everyday life he has maintained a mostly daily meditation practice. That increased to twice daily at around the time of a massive energy bombardment of the planet in 2015— known variously as the X Wave or the Event. A month after that he opened the 3,000-member Become What You Believe meditation and spirituality group on Facebook.
    Brad has created and led myriad meditations over the years, and is very excited about the expansion he has realized in this crazy year of 2020—leading to this lifetime’s full-circle return to Tesseracts!

    Be sure to check out this site’s 
Find Us page for the various places he—and his meditations—can be located online.

Alena Ilenčíková is the creator of all the beautiful original art accompanying the Tesseract Transmissions, as well as our distinctive tesseract logo! She is also responsible for both the overall design and talented implementation of this website. You can enjoy her portfolio and make contact with her at her own website!

Alena Ilenčíková

Tami Kieffer has been an energetic mentor (and friend) for years. Her spiritual sessions were integral in the creation of this series. A Reiki Master and more, you can discover her many skills here!

Lina Ogima was an important influence on the Tesseract Transmissions during  personal sessions of her “Talking with Your Guides” channeling sessions (more info on her site)! She also offered valuable research assistance for these pages.

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