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10/10 Gateway!

We’ll be focusing on numerically auspicious gateways for the final quarter of our year-long series!

For our tenth meditation, which was held on October 10 (10/10) and commenced at 10:10 a.m. Eastern, we were joined by guest channeler Joanne Bracken and Archangel Ariel, the Angel of Mother Earth! Listen here at:

Brad Walrod starts us off with a brief introduction detailing the format, after which we establish our connections to both Source and Gaia. We proceed to focus on the third eye, through which we enter the 10/10 gateway. Joanne then presents a potent message with angelic sounds from Ariel, and all participants (whether live or later) continue their meditation accompanied by beautiful music.

Inspired by the dynamic drawings of Alena Ilenčíková as seen in each video’s thumbnail, this series of 12 chakras—which we will enjoy throughout 2021—comprises: Earth Star, Link, Base, Sacral, Hara, Solar Plexus, Heart, High Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star chakras. Stay tuned!

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