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Earth Star Chakra!

The Earth Star Chakra is our below-body connection to Mother Gaia, and the Become What You Believe group will be celebrating it in a special meditation!

This meditation is the first in a series of monthly gatherings, each inspired by beautiful original intuitive artwork created by Tesseract Transmissions artist Alena Alla Ilenčíková—featured throughout 2021 as cover pics in the group as well as for these events.

In addition to introducing this chakra series, we’ll reflect on the energies of the six weeks since the inception of what was called the Revelation Wave, which peaks the day before.

Our live sitting will commence on Saturday, January 23, at 9 a.m. Eastern in both the group and on the event page, and a recording will be available immediately after in both locations—as well as on our YouTube channel later the same day!

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