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Tweaking the Pricing

After our fun interview—and super high-energy channeling experience—on QCTV, it was suggested that we revisit the pricing for our Transmissions in order to make them accessible to more folks.

If you check(ed) out the program (replay here), you may agree that a good case was made for the power and value of these meditations, especially considering the near-requirement of multiple sittings in order to soak up every bit of goodness!

But let’s follow QC’s recommendation and reduce the full price of each set to $95. And we’ll apply an automatic 40% discount each time a new Transmission comes out. This adjustment lowers the initial price for every set to just $57 (a $40 drop from the original pricing). And whenever a new Starseed set appears, its introductory pricing will remain in effect until the next set is released.

Even though we plan to have the Lyran Tesseract Transmission—with all new energies and art!—ready by Halloween, because this price change is happening mid-month it seems best to keep the Andromedan set discounted for at least a week into November.

(To avoid complicating things any further, those who’ve purchased at its original price the Andromedan set will get the Lyran set for free. That’s the coolest thing we could think to do.)

We’re already displaying a tendency to meet our Transmission deadlines, while also remaining loose with the discount expirations. We hope this news is welcomed warmly.

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