Andromedan Tesseract Transmission

Andromedan Tesseract Transmission

Our Andromedan guide Ku’ran joins you in your personal tesseract (a fourth-dimensional portal) for a journey to a beautiful forest setting on a deep adventure of discovery! In the first meditation, expect to build a base of energy while gaining important insights—accompanied by music incorporating invigorating beta waves. 


The second transmission ramps up the amount of energy that can be experienced and retained—further deepened by delta waves. And by the third sitting, we’re joined by additional Andromedan guides and starseeds for a final burst of energy with a shared purpose—greatly empowered by theta waves.


This set of transmissions can (and perhaps should) be repeated regularly—whether individually or sequentially—to allow for the most energy absorption from each one!

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Special: A 40% discount has been automatically applied for this initial offering, reverting to full price when the next Tesseract Transmission comes out (currently planned for the end of October).

Background Music

Trance One by Silencio Music

First Feedback!

For those who are looking to connect with the energy of Andromeda, this is an excellent journey—and I look forward to taking journeys two and three!

—Chelsie S.

Loved it! Felt very grounded, my crown tingled the whole time. Felt like when you leave from visiting family upon going home. I would like to meet more Andromedans. Also felt some very refreshing healing energies.

—Lara M.

Highly recommended! This was an amazing visit to Andromeda. A lot came through for me and I'm looking forward to visiting again as well as to the next sessions.

—Meghan R.